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model (ser. no.)typewavelengthmax outputnote and options (FM,AM possible?)
NKT Photonics Koheras AdjustiK E15fiber1550nm50mWused for optical levitation (wiki page)
NKT Photonics Koheras BoostiK HPAfiber amp1550nm2Wused for optical levitation (wiki page)
NKT Photonics Koheras BasiK ???fiber1550nm50mWused for Lorentz invariance (wiki page; output power can be changed)
NKT Photonics Koheras AdjustiK C15 (SN: KOH 1269)fiber1550nm10mWused for DECIGO exp (output power can be changed; frequency modulation possible); photo
NKT Photonics Koheras BasiK X15 (SN: K172-103-605)fiber1550nm30mWused for DECIGO exp (operation check; output power cannot be changed; frequency modulation possible); photo
NKT Photonics Koheras BasiK Y10 (SN: K102-102-605)fiber1064nm14mWused for levitation mirror characterization (operation check; laser power cannot be changed); photo
Thorlabs S3FC1550 fiber1550nm1.5mWused for TOBA; photo
FITEL FRL15DCWD-A81-19480-Cfiber1550nm40mWused for TOBA; photo
Mephisto 500NE (SN: 1345)free-space1064nm???used for TOBA; photo
Mephisto M200NE (SN: 1226)free-space1064nm???broken; photo
Mephisto 500 NE (SN: 1177)free-space1064nm0.525 Wused for axion (output power can be changed; frequency modulation possible); photo
Mephisto 2000 NE (SN: 1557)free-space1064nm2Wused for optomech; photo
Lightwave electronics 126-1064-50 (SN: 180)free-space1064nm2 Wused for new WFS -> toy Michelson; photo
Lightwave electronics 126-1064-050 (SN: 162)free-space1064nm425 mW?cable for driver gone? ; photo
Lightwave 120-03A (SN: 504)free-space1064nm? mWbroken? photo
Lightwave 120-01A (SN: 402)free-space1064nm4 mWtoy Michelson 2; elog page; photo
Lightwave 120-01A (SN: 482)free-space1064nm? mWlabeled NAOJ水沢; elog page; photo


  • fiber laser, 1550 nm, which can change the output power (for TOBA)
  • free-space laser, 1064 nm, 2 W NPRO (for axion)
  • fiber/free-space laser, 1064/1550 nm, 2 W or even higher power (optical levitation)
  • free-space, 1064 nm, low power for easy use





  • オペアンプIC
AD5865V電圧リファレンスAnalog Devices
AD58710V電圧リファレンスAnalog Devices
AD698LVDT用アンプAnalog Devices
AD797超低歪み,超低ノイズのすごいオペアンプAnalog Devices
AD811電流帰還型の広帯域オペアンプAnalog Devices
AD829高速オペアンプAnalog Devices
BUF634電流バッファTexas Instruments
LF356JFET入力オペアンプTexas Instruments (旧National Semiconductor)
LM319コンパレータ,デュアルTexas Instruments
LT1028超低ノイズの高速オペアンプAnalog Devices (旧Linear Technology)
LT1128超低ノイズの高速オペアンプ.上との違いはよくわからんAnalog Devices (旧Linear Technology)
MPY634乗算器Texas Instruments
OP07汎用オペアンプAnalog Devices
OP27汎用オペアンプ.OP07の高速・低雑音版Analog Devices
OP275汎用オペアンプ,デュアル.OP27よりもいいらしいAnalog Devices
OP470汎用オペアンプ,クアッド.OP27x4とほぼ同じAnalog Devices
OPA627高速・低ノイズのすごいオペアンプ.FET入力Texas Instruments
OPA637高速・低ノイズのすごいオペアンプ.OPA627よりも広帯域.FET入力Texas Instruments
OPA2604高速・低ノイズのオペアンプ.OPA627には劣る.デュアル.FET入力Texas Instruments


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