Doctoral Theses

2014Yuta MichimuraTests of Lorentz Invariance with an Optical Ring Cavity
2014Ayaka ShodaDevelopment of a High-Angular-Resolution Antenna for Low-Frequency Gravitational-Wave Observation
2013Nobuyuki MatsumotoDirect Measurement of Quantum Back-Action in a Macroscopic System
2012Wataru KokuyamaSpaceborne Rotating Torsion-Bar Antenna for Low-Frequency Gravitational-Wave Observations
2009Koji IshidoshiroSearch for low-frequency gravitational waves using a superconducting magnetically-levitated torsion antenna
2006Yoichi AsoActive Vibration Isolation for a Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector using a Suspension Point Interferometer
2002Akiteru TakamoriLow Frequency Seismic Isolation for Gravitational Wave Detectors
2002Kenji NumataDirect measurement of mirror thermal noise
2001Koji AraiRobust extraction of control signals for power-recycled interferometric gravitational-wave detectors
2000Kazuhiro YamamotoStudy of the thermal noise caused by inhomogeneously distributed loss
1999Naoko Ohishi機械コンダクタンスの直接測定による熱雑音の推定
1999Kuniharu TochikuboDevelopment of 300-m Fabry-Perot cavity with automatic alignment control
1998Masaki AndoPower recycling for an interferometric gravitational wave detector
1998Keita KawabeDevelopment of a 3-meter Fabry-Perot-Michelson Interferometer for Gravitational Wave Detection
1997Naoto KondoDisk-type resonant antenna with a laser transducer for monitoring gravitational waves
1994Akito ArayaOptical Mode Cleaner for the Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector
1991Akihiko Mizutaniレーザー干渉計を用いた共振型重力波検出器の開発

* Theses done before 2012 is from former Tsubono Group.
* Theses with Japanese titles are written in Japanese.