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GUPPy - Graphical User interface for Picomotors by Python




GUPPy is a GUI for New Focus Ethernet Controller 8752. You can control, via a serial port, up to 6 picomotors (3 channels x 2 drivers). Serial communication is controlled by python and GUI is made by Jupyter widgets.
GUPPy was made by Satoru Takano. If you find any problems, please inform me.


A zip file is here.


First of all, you have to use Python 3.X. These python packages are also necessary:

  • Jupyter notebook or Jupyter Lab
  • ipywidgets
  • pySerial


If you satisfy all the requirements, you don't have to install anything else. Open the GUPPy.ipynb file and run it.

That's it!


A simple documentation "README.html" is under the unzipped folder.

A document for serial communication to the controller by CUI may help you.

Change log


Change how to order to move. Remove 'Move' button and add 'Back' and 'Forward' button.


The first release of GUPPy.

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