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GUPPy - Graphical User interface for Picomotors by Python




GUPPy is a GUI for New Focus Ethernet Controller 8752. You can control, via a serial port, up to 6 picomotors (3 channels x 2 drivers). Serial communication is controlled by python and GUI is made by Jupyter widgets.
GUPPy was made by Satoru Takano. If you find any problems, please inform me.


A zip file is here.


First of all, you have to use Python 3.X. These python packages are also necessary:

  • Jupyter notebook or Jupyter Lab
  • ipywidgets
  • pySerial


If you satisfy all the requirements, you don't have to install anything else. Open the GUPPy.ipynb file and run it.

That's it!


A simple documentation "README.html" is under the unzipped folder.

A document for serial communication to the controller by CUI may help you.

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