Observing Gravitational Waves (Stefan Ballmer)

This course is an introduction to the phenomena of gravitational waves, their basic properties and the experimental techniques that made their observation possible. The course will first explore the theoretical aspects of gravitational waves, and then look at the design constraints and noise limitations for gravitational wave interferometers.

Lecture Files


14 lectures:
Tue May 16 slot 2,3 (Room #201b) fileNotes Lecture 1
Tue May 23 slot 2,3,4 (Room #201b) fileNotes Lecture 2
Tue May 30 slot 2,3,4 (Room #201a)
Tue June 6 slot 2,3,4 (Room #201b)
Tue June 13 slot 2,3,4 (Room #201b)

Note: slot 2: 10:25 - 12:10, slot 3: 13:00 - 14:45, slot 4: 14:55 - 16:40


There will be short student presentations on a related topic of choice. They are scheduled on the last day, June 13.