* 1ch PZT Driver [#i9ad571f]
- 20 dB PZT driver with 1 channel
- Closed loop control is capable with an adequate actuator

** How to use [#n2dbcf3f]
This driver has 3 output, labelled with "P" , "T", and "PZT". ''Connect "PZT" output to a PZT, and don't touch the other ports''. Especially, "T" port output high voltage even though there is no input, so if you connect "T" port to some instruments you may break it!

** Picture [#kb74584f]

** Transfer Function [#x3355914]
-Measured by S. Takano in 26nd June 2020

** Output Noise [#s5a08570]
-Measured by S. Takano in 22nd June 2020

** Notice [#udc7998c]
- This driver has a notch at 120Hz and 1st order low-pass with cutoff frequency 120Hz. If you use this driver to control some system, you must consider these characteristics

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