* Coil Driver (4ch) circuit board [#t25cdd22]

This is a coil driver (4ch) with current control.

** Circuit diagram and board picture [#ud6877be]
*** Version 1 [#d75f7821]
Fig.1: Circuit diagram (typical constants are shown).

Fig.2: Board picture (frontside).

Fig.3: Board picture (backside).

- Known issues
-- 裏のグランドが一部尖っている
-- 8ピン入力が抵抗と干渉する
-- コイルの裏をグランドを抜き忘れ

** Design [#cf56bdbe]
- Ver1: designed by K. Nagano in Aug. 2018.
-- File directory (in PC in office)
--- Circuit diagram: hoge
--- Board design: hoge

** Manufacturing [#e75d1ee8]
- K. Nagano ordered 20 borads to P-ban in Aug. 2018.
- If you want to use this board, ask K. Nagano

** Usage history [#wc48e946]
- 2018/09/XX: 20 delivered (total 20(v1)), K. Nagano
- 2018/10/11: 1 used for test (total 19(v1)), K. Nagano
- 2018/10/11: 5 used for TOBA (total 14(v1), T. Shimoda)
- 2018/10/11: 5 used for TOBA (total 14(v1)), T. Shimoda

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