* 1ch PZT Driver [#i9ad571f]
- 20 dB PZT driver with 1 channel
- Main module is [[PI E-610>https://www.pi-japan.jp/ja/products/controllers-and-drivers/nanopositioning-piezo-controllers/e-610-piezo-amplifier-controller-601000/]]. 
This module is also used in [[6ch PZT Driver>AndoLabInstrumentsE610]]

** How to use [#n2dbcf3f]
+ Connect DC power. Default connector is HIROSE 4pin male (as usual) on the back panel. 6-30V DC power is acceptable (15V is desired).
+ Connect PZT to "OUT" port and apply the control voltage to "IN" port.  
+ Offset is variable by adjusting a potentiometer "OFFSET". 
+ Output voltage is [IN+OFFSET] x 10
+ "MON" port is a mirror of "OUT" port given by OUT / 100

** Picture [#kb74584f]
- Front

** Transfer Function [#x3355914]
-Measured by S. Takano on 10/11/2021
- Gain is 20dB for OUT, -20dB for MON
- 2 poles at 9.8kHz

** Output Noise [#s5a08570]
-Measured by S. Takano on 10/11/2021

** Notes [#t40f7335]
- I found there are glitches around 60MHz. If you don't like them, you should add some filter.

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