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2019年5月29日宮崎祐樹Gravity surveys using a mobile atom interferometerarXiv:1904.06410
2019年5月22日喜多直紀Cooling of a levitated nanoparticle with digital parametric feedbackarXiv:1904.06410
2019年4月10日長野晃士Self-stabilizing photonic levitation and propulsion of nanostructured macroscopic objectsNature Photonicsvolume 13, pages289–295 (2019)
2019年3月6日道村唯太Metrics for next-generation gravitational-wave detectorsarXiv:1902.09485
2019年2月28日高野哲Indication of Another Intermediate-mass Black Hole in the Galactic Center2019 ApJL 871 L1
2019年2月13日宮崎祐樹Sensitivity of Displacement Detection for a Particle Levitated in the Doughnut BeamarXiv:1709.07177
2019年1月29日喜多直紀Enhanced optical pressure with asymmetric cavitiesPRL 99, 045437 (2019)
2018年12月26日小森健太郎Measurement-based quantum control of mechanical motionNature 563, 53-58 (2018)
2018年12月12日武田紘樹First Higher-Multipole Model of Gravitational Waves from Spinning and Coalescing Black-Hole BinariesPRL 120, 161102 (2018)
2018年11月28日下田智文Determination of the Avogadro constant by the XRCD method using a 28Si-enriched sphereMetrologia 54, 716 (2017)
2018年11月7日長野晃士System for control of polarization state of light and generation of light with continuously rotating linear polarizationarxiv:1810.08459
2018年10月24日有冨尚紀Detection of 15 dB Squeezed States of Light and their Application for the Absolute Calibration of Photoelectric Quantum EfficiencyPRL 117, 110801 (2016)
2018年10月17日黄靖斌Early Earthquake Detection with a Dual Torsion-Beam GravimeterarXiv:1809.04787
2018年10月10日喜多直紀Scientific background: Groundbreaking inventions in laser physicslink
2018年10月3日川崎拓也Quantum theory cannot consistently describe the use of itselfNat. Commun. 9, 3711 (2018)
2018年9月26日高野哲Improving the Sensitivity of Advanced LIGO Using Noise Subtractionarxiv:1809.05348
2018年9月21日道村唯太Parity-violating gravity and GW170817arxiv:1809.00815
2018年9月12日小森健太郎Exploring the distance-redshift relation with gravitational wave standard sirens and tomographic weak lensingarxiv:1807.00016
2018年8月29日長野晃士Optical power meter using radiation pressure measurementarxiv:1808.06588
2018年8月22日下田智文Re-solving the jet/cocoon riddle of the first gravitational wave with an electromagnetic counterpartarxiv:1808.00469
2018年8月8日武田紘樹Searching for Near-Horizon Quantum Structures in the Binary Black-Hole Stochastic Gravitational-Wave BackgroundPRL 121, 051105 (2018)
2018年8月1日黄靖斌Dark Energy in Light of Muti-Messenger Gravitational-Wave AstronomyarXiv:1807.09241
2018年7月25日高野哲Quantum Superposition of Massive Objects and the Quantization of Gravityarxiv:1807.07015
2018年7月18日川崎拓也Measuring the Hubble Constant with Neutron Star Black Hole MergersPRL 121, 021303 (2018)
2018年7月12日宮崎祐樹Gravitational Waves from Binary Mergers of Subsolar Mass Dark Black HolesPRL 120, 241102 (2018)
2018年7月4日喜多直紀The cosmological impact of future constraints on Hubble constant from gravitational-wave standard sirenarxiv:1806.07463
2018年6月20日小森健太郎GW170817: Measurements of neutron star radii and equation of statearxiv:1805.11581
2018年6月6日長野晃士A shape-anisotropic reflective polarizer in a stomatopod crustaceanNature Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 21744 (2016)
2018年5月30日下田智文A 6D interferometric inertial isolation systemarxiv:1801.01468
2018年4月25日武田紘樹Estimation of the gravitational wave polarizations from a nontemplate searchPRD 97, 023011 (2018)
2018年4月18日黄靖斌Particle Physics with Gravitational Wave Detector TechnologyarXiv:1712.04481
2018年4月4日高野哲Gravitationally Induced Entanglement between Two Massive Particles is Sufficient Evidence of Quantum Effects in GravityPRL 119 240402 (2017)
2018年3月6日川崎拓也Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entangled motion of two massive objectsPRA 92, 012126 (2015)
2018年2月22日道村唯太Optimizing signal recycling for detecting a stochastic gravitational-wave backgroundarXiv:1801.02001
2018年2月7日小森健太郎Where Are LIGO's Big Black Holes?ApJL 851, L25 (2017)
2018年1月24日長野晃士Feasibility of near-unstable cavities for future gravitational wave detectorsarXiv:1711.05177
2018年1月17日下田智文Observations and modeling of the elastogravity signals preceding direct seismic wavesScience 358, 1164 (2017)
2017年12月20日榎本雄太郎Prospects for detecting gravitational waves at 5 Hz with ground-based detectorsarXiv:1712.05417
2017年12月13日酒井譲Test of Special Relativity Using a Fiber Network of Optical ClocksPRL 118 221102 (2017)
2017年11月29日武田紘樹Model-independent test of gravity with a network of ground-based gravitational-wave detectorsarXiv:1208.4596
2017年11月22日和田祥太郎Probing deformed commutators with macroscopic harmonic oscillatorsNat. Commun. 6, 7503 (2015)
2017年11月8日高野哲When Cavendish meets Feynman: A quantum torsion balance for testing the quantumness of gravityarXiv:1710.08695
2017年11月1日川崎拓也Dark Energy after GW170817arXiv:1710.05901
2017年10月25日榎本雄太郎Dissipative optomechanical squeezing of lightNew J. Phys. 16 063058 (2014)
2017年10月18日道村唯太Frequency-dependent responses in third generation gravitational-wave detectorsPRD 96, 084004 (2017)
2017年10月11日小森健太郎Distinguishing spin-aligned and isotropic black hole populations with gravitational wavesNature 548, 426 (2017)
2017年10月4日長野晃士A differential optical shadow sensor for sub-nanometer displacement measurement and its application to drag-free satellitesarXiv:1708.09335
2017年9月27日下田智文Passive Newtonian noise suppression for gravitational-wave observatories based on shaping of the local topographyCQG 31, 185011 (2014)
2017年9月20日酒井譲Straightforward method to measure optomechanically induced transparencyOpticsExpress.25.012935
2017年9月6日武田紘樹Gravitational Quantum Hall EffectarXiv:1708.03113
2017年8月23日和田祥太郎Using a Laguerre-Gaussian Beam to Trap and Cool the Rotational Motion of a MirrorPhysRevLett.99.153603
2017年8月2日高野哲Thermal noise correlations and subtractionPhys. Lett. A (2017)
2017年7月26日川崎拓也Generation of robust tripartite entanglement with a single cavity optomechanical systemPRA 95, 052303 (2017)
2017年7月19日黄靖斌A measurement of G with a cryogenic torsion pendulumrsta.2014.0025
2017年7月12日榎本雄太郎Suspension-thermal noise in spring-antispring systems for future gravitational-wave detectorsarXiv:1707.07309
2017年7月5日長野晃士Gravity and decoherence: the double slit experiment revisitedarXiv:1706.04401
2017年6月27日道村唯太Operating Gravitational Wave Detectors far from equilibriumarXiv:1706.04067
2017年6月21日小森健太郎Experimental bounds on collapse models from gravitational wave detectors PRD 94, 124036 (2016)
2017年6月14日福永真士Laser Interferometers as Dark Matter Detectors arXiv:1605.01103
2017年6月7日有冨尚紀Quantum correlation measurements in interferometric gravitational-wave detectors PRA 95, 043831 (2017)
2017年5月31日川崎拓也Metrology with PT-Symmetric Cavities: Enhanced Sensitivity near the PT-Phase Transition PRL 117, 110802 (2016)
2017年5月24日下田智文Detecting Casimir torque with an optically levitated nanorod arXiv:1704.09770
2017年5月17日高野哲Free Nano-Object Ramsey Interferometry for Large Quantum Superpositions PhysRevLett.117.143003
2017年5月10日黄靖斌Cryogenically cooled ultra low vibration silicon mirrors for gravitational wave observatories Cryogenics 81, 83-92 (Jan 2017)
2017年4月19日酒井譲Beating the standard sensitivity-bandwidth limit of cavity-enhanced interferometers with internal squeezed-light generation arXiv:1702.01044
2017年4月12日武田紘樹Implications of the low binary black hole spins observed by LIGO arXiv:1702.03952
2017年4月5日榎本雄太郎Sideband cooling beyond the quantum backaction limit with squeezed light Nature 541, 191-195(2017)
2017年3月28日和田祥太郎Testing the Speed of Gravitational Waves over Cosmological Distances with Strong Gravitational LensingPhys.Rev.Lett.118.091101
2017年3月14日長野晃士Polaritons in Living Systems: Modifying Energy Landscapes in Photosynthetic Organisms Using a Photonic Structure arXiv:1702.01705
2017年3月7日道村唯太Direct detection of classically undetectable dark matter through quantum decoherencePRD 88, 116005 (2013)
2017年2月21日小森健太郎Measurement-Induced Macroscopic Superposition States in Cavity OptomechanicsPhys.Rev.Lett.117.143601
2017年2月7日有冨尚紀Proposal for Gravitational-Wave Detection Beyond the Standard Quantum Limit via EPR Entanglement arXiv:1612.06934
2017年1月24日下田智文Enhanced sensitivity to Lorentz invariance violations in short-range gravity experiments arXiv:1611.01770
2017年1月17日黄靖斌Limiting the effects of earthquakes on gravitational-wave interferometers arXiv:1611.09812
2017年1月10日酒井譲Probing Spontaneous Wave-Function Collapse with Entangled Levitating Nanospheres arXiv:1611.09989
2016年12月20日武田紘樹Resonator with ultra-high length stability asa probe for Equivalence-Principle-violating physics arXiv:1612.01467
2016年12月13日和田祥太郎Progress in Lunar Laser Ranging Tests of Relativistic GravityPhys.Rev.Lett.93.261101

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