* Optickle [#e95f9270]

The Optickle 2 code repository is

And a zip file of the current working version can be found at

Manuals can be found in

** Some notes on Optickle and Optickle2 [#n0ccec78]

We used to use Optickle, but in 2014, Optickle2 was released. New features in Optickle2 is
- supports multiple wavelengths and polarizations
- non-linear optics and squeezed light sources
- TEM01 and TEM10 (pitch and yaw) (Optickleでは1つしか使えなかった)
- quantum noise calculation for TEM01 and TEM10
- some other bug fixes and minor updates

New users are encouraged to use Optickle2.

**Optickleと[[Finesse>Finesse]]の違い [#t0830182]
- Optickleは輻射圧を含めた計算ができる
- Optickleは輻射圧を含めた計算ができる -> 最近はFINESSE2でもできる
- Optickleは2次以上の空間高次モードを計算できない
- Optickleは1次のモードについても微小変化しか計算できない

** Example code [#j6826fb4]

Example code for simulating a Fabry-Perot cavity is included in &ref(Example.zip);

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