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|2019年2月13日|宮崎祐樹|Sensitivity of Displacement Detection for a Particle Levitated in the Doughnut Beam|[[arXiv:1709.07177>]]|
|2019年1月29日|喜多直紀|Enhanced optical pressure with asymmetric cavities|[[PRL 99, 045437 (2019)>]]|
|2018年12月26日|小森健太郎|Measurement-based quantum control of mechanical motion|[[Nature 563, 53-58 (2018)>]]|
|2018年12月12日|武田紘樹|First Higher-Multipole Model of Gravitational Waves from Spinning and Coalescing Black-Hole Binaries|[[PRL 120, 161102 (2018)>]]|
|2018年11月28日|下田智文|Determination of the Avogadro constant by the XRCD method using a 28Si-enriched sphere|[[Metrologia 54, 716 (2017)>]]|
|2018年11月7日|長野晃士|System for control of polarization state of light and generation of light with continuously rotating linear polarization|[[arxiv:1810.08459>]]|
|2018年10月24日|有冨尚紀|Detection of 15 dB Squeezed States of Light and their Application for the Absolute Calibration of Photoelectric Quantum Efficiency|[[PRL 117, 110801 (2016)>]]|
|2018年10月17日|黄靖斌|Early Earthquake Detection with a Dual Torsion-Beam Gravimeter|[[arXiv:1809.04787>]]|
|2018年10月10日|喜多直紀|Scientific background: Groundbreaking inventions in laser physics|[[link>]]|
|2018年10月3日|川崎拓也|Quantum theory cannot consistently describe the use of itself|[[Nat. Commun. 9, 3711 (2018)>]]|
|2018年9月26日|高野哲|Improving the Sensitivity of Advanced LIGO Using Noise Subtraction|[[arxiv:1809.05348>]]|
|2018年9月21日|道村唯太|Parity-violating gravity and GW170817|[[arxiv:1809.00815>]]|
|2018年9月12日|小森健太郎|Exploring the distance-redshift relation with gravitational wave standard sirens and tomographic weak lensing|[[arxiv:1807.00016>]]|
|2018年8月29日|長野晃士|Optical power meter using radiation pressure measurement|[[arxiv:1808.06588>]]|
|2018年8月22日|下田智文|Re-solving the jet/cocoon riddle of the first gravitational wave with an electromagnetic counterpart|[[arxiv:1808.00469>]]|
|2018年8月8日|武田紘樹|Searching for Near-Horizon Quantum Structures in the Binary Black-Hole Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background|[[PRL 121, 051105 (2018)>]]|
|2018年8月1日|黄靖斌|Dark Energy in Light of Muti-Messenger Gravitational-Wave Astronomy|[[arXiv:1807.09241>]]|
|2018年7月25日|高野哲|Quantum Superposition of Massive Objects and the Quantization of Gravity|[[arxiv:1807.07015>]]|
|2018年7月18日|川崎拓也|Measuring the Hubble Constant with Neutron Star Black Hole Mergers|[[PRL 121, 021303 (2018)>]]|
|2018年7月12日|宮崎祐樹|Gravitational Waves from Binary Mergers of Subsolar Mass Dark Black Holes|[[PRL 120, 241102 (2018)>]]|
|2018年7月4日|喜多直紀|The cosmological impact of future constraints on Hubble constant from gravitational-wave standard siren|[[arxiv:1806.07463>]]|
|2018年6月20日|小森健太郎|GW170817: Measurements of neutron star radii and equation of state|[[arxiv:1805.11581>]]|
|2018年6月6日|長野晃士|A shape-anisotropic reflective polarizer in a stomatopod crustacean|[[Nature Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 21744 (2016)>]]|
|2018年5月30日|下田智文|A 6D interferometric inertial isolation system|[[arxiv:1801.01468>]]|
|2018年4月25日|武田紘樹|Estimation of the gravitational wave polarizations from a nontemplate search|[[PRD 97, 023011 (2018)>]]|
|2018年4月18日|黄靖斌|Particle Physics with Gravitational Wave Detector Technology|[[arXiv:1712.04481>]]|
|2018年4月4日|高野哲|Gravitationally Induced Entanglement between Two Massive Particles is Sufficient Evidence of Quantum Effects in Gravity|[[PRL 119 240402 (2017)>]]|
|2018年3月6日|川崎拓也|Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entangled motion of two massive objects|[[PRA 92, 012126 (2015)>]]|
|2018年2月22日|道村唯太|Optimizing signal recycling for detecting a stochastic gravitational-wave background|[[arXiv:1801.02001>]]|
|2018年2月7日|小森健太郎|Where Are LIGO's Big Black Holes?|[[ApJL 851, L25 (2017)>]]|
|2018年1月24日|長野晃士|Feasibility of near-unstable cavities for future gravitational wave detectors|[[arXiv:1711.05177>]]|
|2018年1月17日|下田智文|Observations and modeling of the elastogravity signals preceding direct seismic waves|[[Science 358, 1164 (2017)>]]|
|2017年12月20日|榎本雄太郎|Prospects for detecting gravitational waves at 5 Hz with ground-based detectors|[[arXiv:1712.05417>]]|
|2017年12月13日|酒井譲|Test of Special Relativity Using a Fiber Network of Optical Clocks|[[PRL 118 221102 (2017)>]]|
|2017年11月29日|武田紘樹|Model-independent test of gravity with a network of ground-based gravitational-wave detectors|[[arXiv:1208.4596>]]|
|2017年11月22日|和田祥太郎|Probing deformed commutators with macroscopic harmonic oscillators|[[Nat. Commun. 6, 7503 (2015)>]]|
|2017年11月8日|高野哲|When  Cavendish meets Feynman: A quantum torsion balance for testing the quantumness of gravity|[[arXiv:1710.08695>]]|
|2017年11月1日|川崎拓也|Dark Energy after GW170817|[[arXiv:1710.05901>]]|
|2017年10月25日|榎本雄太郎|Dissipative optomechanical squeezing of light|[[New J. Phys. 16 063058 (2014)>]]|
|2017年10月18日|道村唯太|Frequency-dependent responses in third generation gravitational-wave detectors|[[PRD 96, 084004 (2017)>]]|
|2017年10月11日|小森健太郎|Distinguishing spin-aligned and isotropic black hole populations with gravitational waves|[[Nature 548, 426 (2017)>]]|
|2017年10月4日|長野晃士|A differential optical shadow sensor for sub-nanometer displacement measurement and its application to drag-free satellites|[[arXiv:1708.09335>]]|
|2017年9月27日|下田智文|Passive Newtonian noise suppression for gravitational-wave observatories based on shaping of the local topography|[[CQG 31, 185011 (2014)>]]|
|2017年9月20日|酒井譲|Straightforward method to measure optomechanically induced transparency|[[OpticsExpress.25.012935>]]|
|2017年9月6日|武田紘樹|Gravitational Quantum Hall Effect|[[arXiv:1708.03113>]]|
|2017年8月23日|和田祥太郎|Using a Laguerre-Gaussian Beam to Trap and Cool the Rotational Motion of a Mirror|[[PhysRevLett.99.153603>]]|
|2017年8月2日|高野哲|Thermal noise correlations and subtraction|[[Phys. Lett. A (2017)>]]|
|2017年7月26日|川崎拓也|Generation of robust tripartite entanglement with a single cavity optomechanical system|[[PRA 95, 052303 (2017)>]]|
|2017年7月19日|黄靖斌|A measurement of G with a cryogenic torsion pendulum|[[rsta.2014.0025>]]|
|2017年7月12日|榎本雄太郎|Suspension-thermal noise in spring-antispring systems for future gravitational-wave detectors |[[arXiv:1707.07309>]]|
|2017年7月5日|長野晃士|Gravity and decoherence: the double slit experiment revisited|[[arXiv:1706.04401>]]|
|2017年6月27日|道村唯太|Operating Gravitational Wave Detectors far from equilibrium|[[arXiv:1706.04067>]]|
|2017年6月21日|小森健太郎| Experimental bounds on collapse models from gravitational wave detectors |[[ PRD 94, 124036 (2016)>]]|
|2017年6月14日|福永真士| Laser Interferometers as Dark Matter Detectors |[[ arXiv:1605.01103>]]|
|2017年6月7日|有冨尚紀| Quantum correlation measurements in interferometric gravitational-wave detectors |[[ PRA 95, 043831 (2017)>]]|
|2017年5月31日|川崎拓也| Metrology with PT-Symmetric Cavities: Enhanced Sensitivity near the PT-Phase Transition |[[ PRL 117, 110802 (2016)>]]|
|2017年5月24日|下田智文| Detecting Casimir torque with an optically levitated nanorod |[[ arXiv:1704.09770>]]|
|2017年5月17日|高野哲| Free Nano-Object Ramsey Interferometry for Large Quantum Superpositions |[[ PhysRevLett.117.143003>]]|
|2017年5月10日|黄靖斌| Cryogenically cooled ultra low vibration silicon mirrors for gravitational wave observatories|[[ Cryogenics 81, 83-92 (Jan 2017)>]]|
|2017年4月19日|酒井譲| Beating the standard sensitivity-bandwidth limit of cavity-enhanced interferometers with internal squeezed-light generation|[[ 	arXiv:1702.01044>]]|
|2017年4月12日|武田紘樹|Implications of the low binary black hole spins observed by LIGO|[[ 	arXiv:1702.03952>]]|
|2017年4月5日|榎本雄太郎|Sideband cooling beyond the quantum backaction limit with squeezed light|[[ 	Nature 541, 191-195(2017)>]]|
|2017年3月28日|和田祥太郎|Testing the Speed of Gravitational Waves over Cosmological Distances with Strong Gravitational Lensing|[[Phys.Rev.Lett.118.091101>]]|
|2017年3月14日|長野晃士|Polaritons in Living Systems: Modifying Energy Landscapes in Photosynthetic Organisms Using a Photonic Structure|[[ 	arXiv:1702.01705>]]|
|2017年3月7日|道村唯太|Direct detection of classically undetectable dark matter through quantum decoherence|[[PRD 88, 116005 (2013)>]]|
|2017年2月21日|小森健太郎|Measurement-Induced Macroscopic Superposition States in Cavity Optomechanics|[[Phys.Rev.Lett.117.143601>]]|
|2017年2月7日|有冨尚紀|Proposal for Gravitational-Wave Detection Beyond the Standard Quantum Limit via EPR Entanglement|[[ 	arXiv:1612.06934>]]|
|2017年1月24日|下田智文|Enhanced sensitivity to Lorentz invariance violations in short-range gravity experiments|[[ 	arXiv:1611.01770>]]|
|2017年1月17日|黄靖斌|Limiting the effects of earthquakes on gravitational-wave interferometers|[[ 	arXiv:1611.09812>]]|
|2017年1月10日|酒井譲|Probing Spontaneous Wave-Function Collapse with Entangled Levitating Nanospheres|[[ 	arXiv:1611.09989>]]|
|2016年12月20日|武田紘樹|Resonator with ultra-high length stability asa probe for Equivalence-Principle-violating physics|[[ 	arXiv:1612.01467>]]|
|2016年12月13日|和田祥太郎|Progress in Lunar Laser Ranging Tests of Relativistic Gravity|[[Phys.Rev.Lett.93.261101>]]|

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