* Using Python for Scientific Computation (Pythonを科学技術計算に使う) [#s9a4a4f6]
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** Introduction [#h5ede8ef]
Matlab sucks because it is too expensive for students and even for professional researchers who have not enough funding (like me :-). Actually, Mathworks offer a cheap student version of Matlab+some toolboxes for $200 or so. Therefore, the financial problem is more serious for researchers like me. That was the main motivation for me to start exploring possibilities of using Python as a replacement for Matlab. Over the past few months, I did some investigations and tests on Python and concluded that Python can be a replacement of Matlab in most cases, as far as my needs are concerned. Moreover, I found that Python surpasses Matlab in many aspects, so it is not just a Matlab replacement but much more. Now I'm migrating from Matlab to Python rapidly. This is page is intended to be a place to dump some know-hows on using Python as a scientific/technical computation 

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