Using Matlab with Emacs


Matlab IDE is OK but not great. I feel much better working with Emacs than the Matlab's GUI oriented IDE. I want to control everything by keyboard shortcuts. This page is a memo on using Matlab from Emacs. Actually, I don't like Matlab in the first place. However, there are some occasions where I'm forced to use Matlab. Here is what I do in those cases to relieve the pain of using Matlab.


I'm using Linux, so this memo assumes that you also use Linux. Probably it is probably not true for most people. But there are Emacs for Windows and Mac. If you are interested in the tricks in this page, please try them on your own platform. At least the .emacs tweaks described here should be platform independent.


matlab.el is the central engine for using Matlab from Emacs. The project home page is

In order to download the latest version of matlab-emacs, you have to use CVS, which is not most user friendly. An instruction on how to download the source via CVS is written here. Just copy and paste the cvs command lines shown in the page.

To compile matlab-emacs, you need CEDET. A link to the source tarball is at the bottom of the CEDET homepage. Download and extract it. Then type make to byte-compile CEDET files. You can put the cedet-1.0 directory in anywhere you want. I put it in ~/share/site-lisp/cedet-1.0.

After CEDET is installed.

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